The sun and wind are very reliable sources of energy. They cannot be depleted. They are unarguable natural phenomenon inherent to the planet we live on.

A small solar power system (as little as $500) is enough to power a laptop computer, lights, and sometimes more. One very easy and permanent way to reduce your electrical bill would be investing in such a system and trying to use it instead of your grid power as much as possible.

My first small power system formerly housed inside the  toolshed at the Gallatin site. Power flows from the panels on the roof through the charge controller (left) and into a single battery (middle). From there, 12v DC appliances can be connected (anything that hooks up to a car outlet.) The inverter (right) converts the power to 110v AC which is needed for anything that uses a standard wall plug.


Many other Earthships utilize power systems that would easily rival that of any building. They can be sized to meet just about any electrical demand, but their major plus is, when designed correctly, they are not subject to total and abrupt outages.

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