Everyone’s situation is unique. Whether you want to build your own Earthship, have one built for you, or simply to improve the efficiency of your current home, we can help.

For hourly, daily, and weekly on-site consultation rates please Contact us!


Presentations and Workshops

Want to help spread Earthships?  Host us for A powerpoint presentation or hands on demonstration at your venue or in your backyard!

Things we can teach:

Introduction to Earthships and Biotecture

Building with Natural and Recycled Materials (Cob, Tires, Bottles, Cans, etc.)

Basics of Solar Electricity

Passive Solar Design, Thermal Mass, and Convection Cooling

Off-Grid Water filtration and Gray-water Recycling

Tiny homes and Pallet houses

Dome Shelters and Basalt Reinforcement.

and more!

Contact us for more information!


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