Huh? What? Why?

Biotecture is a fusion of biology with architecture to create one of the most comfortable and practical means of living yet discovered, Earthships.  An Earthship is a building designed by architect Michael Reynolds and developed over more than four decades of experimentation with off-grid living in the high desert of Taos, NM and around the world.

An Earthship utilizes several quite simple technologies, which are integrated in such a was as to provide for human needs without connection to ANY outside utilities.

That means when you live in an Earthship, there are no bills to pay.  Furthermore, all of this can be achieved for at, or below, the cost of a conventional home.

Mike’s Earthship at R.E.A.C.H. New Mexico

There are six main principles that comprise an Earthship.

1. Passive Solar Heating and Cooling:

By the orientation of a building’s windows towards the sun, and the incorporation of thermal mass and convection cooling, we can achieve a comfortable indoor climate year-round without any energy consumed. No pumps, no electricity, no fans, no gas, period.

2. Solar and Wind Electricity:

Because of their design, Earthships require very little electricity to operate. Using DC appliances and LED bulbs, some Earthships have entire power systems that are less than the cost of a computer. No Electricity Bills!

3. Local and Recycled Materials:

Many of the materials used to build Earthships are free because they are generally thrown away.  Most places actually pay quite a penny to dispose of used automobile tires, which are essential to the Earthship’s intense thermal mass.

4. Rainwater Harvesting:

Never pay for water again! By filtering and reusing water multiple times, we can collect plenty of water from the rain on the roof.

5. Contained Sewage Treatment:

Earthships use a form of constructed wetlands called botanical cells to treat and filter all waste waste water.

6. Food Production:

Earthships include a greenhouse along the solar face of the building which is integral to the water treatment system. These can be used to produce thriving fresh vegetables and herbs during any season, right outside your kitchen.





Why should we depend on a fragile economy for our basic survival? Decent jobs are increasingly harder to find. As artificial intelligence and robotics advance, and world population increases, the job market is likely never coming back. Why should we live in houses that cost money and energy to maintain on a monthly basis?

Earthships are easy and inexpensive to get started, and could be an aid to human freedom and prosperity on this planet and others.

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