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There is a brand new Earthship underway in Pikeville, TN.

Biotecture of Tennessee will be hosting a series of workshops at the construction site throughout the duration of the project that will demonstrate each step of the construction process.

For the first workshop on Saturday, July 26th we will be focusing on layout, building with rammed-earth tires, and their application in a structure that requires no energy to heat or cool itself. Participants will leave with the necessary knowledge and experience to begin laying out and building ultra-permanent sructures with tires and dirt, as well as an understanding of the basic features of the Earthship design and the necessary considerations for creating a perfect passive-solar home.

Rammed-earth tires exceed the compressive strength and density of concrete, have tremendous thermal mass, and utilize abundant natural and discarded materials available all over the world. They can be used in any climate with any type of soil. A rammed-earth tire wall is it’s own foundation and requires no concrete footer or slab to begin construction.

This workshop will be a hands-on building experience from 9am-5pm with a midday break for lunch, Q/A, and a discussion of the history and rationale of the use of tires and their application in Earthships and modern passive solar design. Breakfast, lunch, and camping will be included. Participants will be invited to camp on site the nights of Friday the 25th and Saturday the 26th.

The workshop will be lead by Earthship Academy graduate Marcus Sisk, who has worked on Earthships around the world, and studied under original Biotect, Michael Reynolds, of Earthship Biotecture in Taos, NM. Marcus has led many presentations and workshops in the Nashville area and works as a consultant for others in the region and beyond who want to learn to live and build off the grid. He is currently nearing completion of his own Earthship home in Gallatin, TN. He will be supported by three assistant instructors, seasoned tire-builders, Ariel Bui, Kimberly White and Conner Davidson.

This workshop will be limited to 10 participants. Sign up today to reserve your spot!


No events available...